Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Start to Week

Dear Faithful Readers -

Bad news. My Mac laptop hard drive has crashed. If I were smarter, I would have my backup drive here. I usually bring it, but for some reason it didn't happen on this trip. I am unable to access my pictures or any other files. Dan is working at getting some things off the damaged drive with some success, but it won't be easy to get at them. I am using an older PC at work so will be fine for that. But I suspect my blogging will slow down a lot--and it will be less interesting without photos.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, although it isn't celebrated all that much here. We walked into Kulri Bazaar and onto Camel Back Road, where we had lunch with a former student at his Filigree Hotel. Faisal graduated from Woodstock in 1979 and moved back to Mussoorie after college and marriage. His family has a small hotel. It is in a beautiful location -- less than 5 minutes from the bottom of Kulri Hill. It looks out over the hills and mountains to the north. There is an interesting view of Landour Hill from a side we rarely see. It is difficult to identify buildings from there, but the TV tower clearly shows where Sisters' Bazaar is. The snow-capped mountains are not in evidence much these days. Even with almost daily storms, the dust and haze obscure them. But we know they are there...


  1. Oh no! I've had my share of those problems. What a bummer. If you need anything sent, let me know!

  2. A blogger's worst fears come true. From what I've seen, you are on that machine for hours each day, so good luck with it!

  3. I would love to connect with you as I am heading to Landour next week 8th august 2011
    I am looking for a house for my son and his father to rent for the next two/three years.
    I am also hoping to enroll my son in Woodstock if they have a day boy place.



  4. that was


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