Friday, May 6, 2011

Doma's Guesthouse

Last fall I posted some photos of the work being done to prepare Momo and Tsering's new guesthouse. They brought in painters from Nepal who decorated the whole place. Last evening we walked up above Mullingar Hill to take a look. The outside is very colorful.

The front door has wonderful guardians. The stonework on the lower right is a small waterfall. By the look of the bottom step, you can see how many Mussoorie buildings deal with the slope.

The dining room has a nice decorative painting all around the top of the walls. The light fixtures are twine wound around and stiffened into a globular shape.

By the time we left it was dark and the effect of the multicolored lights was quite spectacular.


  1. From the outside, it looked almost like Kwality Inn on the Mall road by the old Rialto Cinema. I understand this is in Landour.

    Who are the owners? I lived in Mussoorie for years until mid-80s and knew most of the locals -- especially the Tibetans in Landour.


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