Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Evening Sewing Group

For the past few weeks I've been invited to a weekly gathering of staff members who do sewing-related crafts. The group meets in different homes and the host provides soup and bread for a light supper. I finally got there last evening. There were only seven of us this week, but it was interesting to see what everyone was working on. I took my knitting, a sweater that is nearly finished -- I just put the ribbing on the V-neck last night.

I walked up to Upper Woodstock with Judy. It is one of the closer houses to the school, straight up from the back gate. I didn't count the steps, which seemed to go on and on. I use a walking stick here and it is especially helpful on steep paths and steps, none of which are evenly spaced.

Judy was knitting a sweater. Sue is a quilter and was finishing up a king-sized quilt for her son. The living room was full of her work -- lots of crazy quilting on pillows and throws. She uses mostly Indian cotton print fabrics and it was all beautiful. Bethany is making a crazy-quilted teddy bear similar to one Sue had. Melinda bought a Kashmiri embroidered runner and is adding family names to the branches to make an anniversary gift for her parents. Julie was working on a crazy-quilted neck pillow but spent much of the time in the next room ironing her pieces. James makes stuffed animals without patterns. He was working on a tyrannosaurus rex. The body was done (including a zipper for the teeth in its mouth) and he was making the legs. Quite amazing.

An enjoyable evening with good company! And I was home by 9:00.


  1. What is crazy-quilting? I get an image of someone mumbling to themselves about the transceiver chip in their head, while quilting... but I don't think that's probably correct!


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