Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Miscellany

Last week I wrote about watching the Royal Wedding in the Lyons Staff Lounge with other staff. I didn't have any pictures, but Immu took some and sent them to me this week. I am in the far right rear with my chin on my hand.

This little shop is right below the hospital, across from the majority of the shops in that small bazaar. I think good luck might be helpful in patronizing it.

Walking through the bazaar to the dentist's office on Monday, I passed quite a few Jains walking along. The stricter members of the sect wear face masks to avoid unintentionally breathing in an insect and harming it. I've heard that some are so careful of harming a life that they wear no clothes and carry a broom to sweep away the area where they walk.

The area below the Oral Health Resort is a meat shop. I remember buying bacon and ham there 40 years ago. Now they specialize in chicken as well, and evidently sell it already cooked tandoori-style. Why the name of the shop is Georgy Porgy, I've no idea! The men are congregated in front of a tiny shop selling a variety of keychains that can be personalized. The actual meat shop is to the right and can't be seen in this photo.

As I stood outside waiting for Dan to pick me up on the motorcycle, I observed this small shop. It is probably only about 3-4 feet deep and 6 feet across. I didn't see any paneer tikka in the middle of the day; maybe it is mostly available in the evening. I think they sell a lot of drinks, though.

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