Wednesday, May 18, 2011

License Plates

License plates on vehicles in India are different than those in North America. When you purchase the vehicle, you get a registration for life and it stays with the car despite ownership. The first two letters indicate the state of origin. The type styles vary depending on the dealership. This car is from Delhi. Around Mussoorie, we dread the influx of Delhi-wallas on the weekends.

This car is from Kerala, in the far south. I'm glad I didn't have to drive it all the way up here!

A yellow license plate signifies a taxi, truck, or other vehicle for hire. The approximate age of this one is easy to figure out, as when this state became independent of Uttar Pradesh in 2000, it was first called Uttaranchal.

In 2007, the state name reverted to Uttarakhand, as the area had been known for many years. This scooter has a slightly italicized plate.

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