Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Accademia

When we went to San Marco, we stopped to get 9:30 entry tickets for the Accademia on Saturday. It was very nice, as we entered through the reserved door and got right in. However, this was the very first church/museum that we visited where there were many people already there. It was quite crowded, and of course they clustered around Michelangelo's famous statue of David. There are several copies of it around the city and there are other Davids by Donatello and others. But this one is truly sublime. It is amazing to walk around it and see how Michelangelo was able to take a tall piece of marble that was rejected by other sculptors and pull out of it this incredible figure.

Entering the main hall, you can see David at the end of the room under a dome specially designed for him. He glows. The hall is lined with six unfinished statues by Michelangelo, called "The Prisoners" because the figures seem trapped in the marble.

After watching the David for a while, we went into a special exhibit of paintings related to Saint Frances and his life. No pictures allowed. There was also an interesting display of musical instruments, which we enjoyed a lot. We both spent some time at the computers that were set up with historical music information, including sound samples. Very interesting.

Following the Accademia, we went back to the hotel and eventually had lunch again at the Central Market. I don't think I did much in the afternoon, but Dan went out again and got our tickets for the Duomo visit on Monday.

One of the prisoners

Pieta prisoners

David himself, sling over shoulder, stone in right hand

Closeup of the amazing right hand

Bust of Michelangelo

Stradivarius viola

Very early harpsichord-piano by Cristofori

Possibly the first upright piano

Lunch was sandwiches and these great grilled veggies

Supper was pizza and salad. Yes, those are slices of hot dog along with the prosciutto, mushrooms, artichokes and olives.

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