Thursday, August 27, 2015

Florence, Day 1

After the Renaissance walk as I wrote about yesterday, we headed back to the hotel. Dan went out to explore some more while I rested. He came back before noon and we headed over to the Mercato Centrale, the central market, only a couple of block from our hotel. This is an enormous hall of two floors, full of food stalls of all kinds -- butchers, cheese sellers, produce, prepared foods of all kinds. I walked all around gawking at everything and taking only a few pictures. I promise I'll go back and do a full post on the place.

For lunch we first got a rice ball like the suppli we had in Rome. It had a different name here, which I can't remember. It was stuffed with cheese and spinach inside the rice. We carried it over to a mozzarella stall that had a small seating area. There we got bruschetta -- fresh chopped tomatoes and basil on fresh buffalo mozzarella on rustic toast. These were much larger pieces than you usually think of. Together it made a delicious lunch.

I did take one picture while walking of these incredibly huge fresh mushrooms.

I didn't do much the rest of the day, although Dan took a long walk to a place we saw an opera advertised. We ate dinner again at the same restaurant as the previous evening, sharing a caesar salad and spaghetti with tomatoes.

Today we are touring the Uffizi Gallery and probably Santa Croce, since it is nearby.

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