Friday, August 28, 2015

Santa Croce Church

Note:  This is the second post of the day; earlier I wrote about the Uffizi Gallery. There is so much to see here that I need to write it up soon after or I can't remember!

When we came out of the Uffizi, we decided to go on to the Santa Croce Church, which was on our list of things to see. We stopped briefly for a cup of tea/coffee before heading on. We were fortunate that there weren't many people there and again, we had plenty of space to move around and see everything. This church is famous partly for its tombs of famous people. And again, it is full of amazing art. Read more on Wikipedia -- Santa Croce.

This is a typical small coffee shops. We had a drink and a pastry. I'm not sure if the barista's employers know or like the message on her shirt -- "I don't CARE" -- or if the customers mind.

The facade of the church is beautiful marble. 

This is the tomb of Michelangelo, one of the draws of this church. It is elaborately carved.

The tomb of Dante.

Elaborately carved pulpit.

Rossini's tomb. Galileo is also buried here, but I couldn't get a photo of it.

Frescoes on the walls.

Elaborately frescoed side chapel.

The altar and apse area. Not a very good shot, but it was gorgeous. Light through the stained glass windows made the rest seem dark.

Raftered ceiling.

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