Thursday, August 13, 2015

Days 2 and 3

Tuesday was a day at sea. I swam, others exercised in their own ways, we lounged, read, and just had a great relaxing time. Dirk and I joined a trivia game before dinner. In the afternoon we passed between the boot of Italy and Sicily, when we could see land on both sides. 

Sicily (Messina)

Wednesday we arrived at Santorini, a picturesque Greek island that is formed around an ancient caldera left from a volcano. The main town, Fira, is at the top of a steep cliff. There are three ways of getting there — a cable car, a zig-zag walking path, and a donkey path (which unfortunately is the same as the walking path…). Several of us planned to take the cable car and others to walk. However, when we got off the tender, the cable car line was extremely long. The walkers had already left, but we decided to try it. It was a very hot day, well into the 90s, and the path was directly in the blazing sun. I made it about halfway when I realized it was going to be too much for me. I headed back down and my daughter very kindly went with me. By the time we got down, the cable car line was even longer and we decided to give it up and go back to the ship. 

Santorini from the ship

Today is another day at sea and we arrive in Istanbul on Friday.

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