Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Morning

This afternoon Dan is leaving for Delhi. He is going to visit St. Anthony's Orphanage on Friday, where we have a sponsored child. Saturday night he will go to the airport to meet our daughter and son-in-law, who are coming for a two-week trip. They will see some sights in Delhi on Sunday and come up on the early morning train Monday. I can't wait to have them here for a few days. I just hope we can keep them warm!

The other morning I walked out of the office and around the balcony to a sunny spot to warm up a bit (here we go outside to get warm!). As I came around the corner where the stairs go up to Guest Room #1, I saw this little family enjoying the sunshine, too. While I watched them, one of the kittens scampered behind the stairs into a locked cupboard where they must have made their home.

Last Sunday afternoon we took the scooter into the bazaar for some ice cream. (Yes, I know it's cold, but the hot fudge sundaes at Nirula's are good anyway.) We had 2-scoop sundaes instead of the regular 3-scoop ones.

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