Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday Outing

Good news! As of Friday I've been feeling quite fine. I am finished with a round of antibiotics and better than it seems I've been for several weeks.

On Friday our office went out to the bazaar for lunch. There is a new Tibetan-style restaurant (Momo's -- not very original!) in Kulri that the others were eager to try. We took a school vehicle and a taxi and piled in. Friday was Uttarakhand Day, the 12th anniversary of statehood for this region. Diwali is coming up this week and the decorations were up.

The streets were canopied with fluttering gold foil streamers. It looks fancier than this still photo.

Special decorations are available everywhere (I'll post more tomorrow). This man was walking at the top of Kulri Hill carrying a pole with a lot of streamers for sale.

Momos are Tibetan dumplings. They are filled with meat (chicken, pork or mutton) or veg. They can be steamed or fried. They are served with a (usually) hot red chutney. These are fried ones. 

One of the diners had a fried lamb dish served with rice. Similar to a Chinese style.

Someone ordered a chicken dish like nothing we've seen before. He said the sauce was similar to Alfredo. It was the only thing that wasn't spicy.

I wasn't sure what I was up to eating yet, so I had the veg thupka, a noodle soup. It was absolutely delicious, and the warmth was especially welcome on a cold day. There was enough that after I ate they packed it up and Dan and I shared the leftovers for supper.

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