Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Delhi

The past week has been a blur. We were slightly aware of American Thanksgiving, although we spent the day traveling.

Anjali and Domingos arrived with Dan on Monday afternoon. They had been on the train most of the day, so we headed out for a walk. We walked to Second Jabarkhet on the New Road and back on Tehri Road. It took just about two hours, including a brief stop for chai at Dan's regular teashop out there. It was the first time I'd been out there this visit.

On Tuesday the three of them headed up to the top of the hill, where they had a great view of the snows from Sisters' Bazaar and then went on to Char Dukan for bun omelets for breakfast. I met them at the school and took them on an abbreviated tour. Anjali was most interested to see the music area (the band room now occupies her kindergarten and first-grade room) and the new gym. About 11:30 we headed into the bazaar. We had lunch at Green Vegetarian and did some shopping. Back home to rest for a while, then we headed to Hanifl Centre for dinner with the Nagarwallas. Darab knew Anjali when she was small and we've all been friends for a long time.

On Wednesday we hired a taxi to take us to Happy Valley to visit the temple at the Tibetan settlement. They climbed the flag hill there while I sat in the sun and relaxed. We walked back from Library Bazaar, stopping at Momo's Restaurant for lunch (I do like that thupka!). I was feeling pretty exhausted, so I took a taxi back to school and went up to say my goodbyes in the office. The Whitemans had invited us to their house for dinner and we had a lovely evening.

Thursday the porters came to haul our things up to the school attic until we return. They came back and brought our luggage up to the New Road, where our taxi picked us up around 12:45. We had lunch with our friend Ajit Singh and his sister in Dehradun. The Shatabdi trip was uneventful, except that Domingos began to feel unwell. We got a quick taxi and were in our hotel soon after 11:30 for a short night. We caught the 6:50 train out to Meerut and spent Friday there with the Lal family. It is always good to visit and we had a relaxing day. Domingos was suffering from Delhi belly, but we dosed him up and had him rest for much of the day. Once again we were on the late train back to Delhi, but we didn't have to get up early this morning (Saturday). We will take our laundry to a nearby dry-cleaning/laundry shop to pick up in the evening and then head over to Mayur Vihar on the Metro to spend the day with Anju and Sandeep.

Anjali is posting lots of pictures on her blog at -- go over there to see them.

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  1. You must be leaving India now? Or maybe more traveling? Today I thought of you as I viewed the film Midnight's Children. If you see it, I'd be curious to hear your impressions.


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