Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More celebrating!

Yes, we had another Diwali gathering on Tuesday. The Roberts were our wonderful hosts.

Here are Bhavenesh and Jane. They are both here for the WS Board meetings this week.

Jane, Fabi, and Ian chatting on the couch.

A feast was laid on! Here are squash curry and kabobs.

Thai chicken curry from Naveen (see yesterday) and rice.

Potato curry and matar paneer.

Dessert from the Shaws -- yogurt cake with chocolate icing and flan. You can see how popular the flan was!!

On our walk up from our house (yes, I did it twice yesterday!) we heard a lot of rustling in the trees above the path. It was the monkeys! Usually they are settled by dark, but I think all the sounds of fireworks and crackers were disturbing them. It was a bit creepy hearing them swinging among the trees. How could they see the branches in the dark?

Our walk home had no rustling; they must have given up and gone to sleep by then. But the noises of the celebrations in the bazaar and all over the hillside were deafening. We could see the fireworks going off at St. George's School below us, others over the bazaar, and the banging was coming from everywhere around!

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  1. The food always looks great, but I'm curious about the lovely tablecloth. It appears to be embroidered but I wasn't sure.


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