Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ladakh is the northernmost region of India, in the part of Kashmir that borders Tibet. The majority of the area is higher than 9,800 feet. Visitors are told to take a few days to acclimate. The culture of Ladakh is quite distinct, with strong Tibetan influence. Its remoteness lures tourists and others.

Two of the presentations at the Writers Festival focused on Ladakh. The photographer Sankar Sridhar had an exhibition of his photos, "Ladahk in Winter." They were hauntingly beautiful. He also talked on "Frozen Lakes of Ladakh." He has spent many months trekking across this high, remote area to photograph the many lakes.

Walls of Ice

Waves frozen in movement

Remote monastery

A lake receding

Viraf Mehta is a social anthropologist who has worked to catalog the petroglyphs of Ladakh. Before he began, the government said there were 25 sites; he and his group have now found 125 sites.

Amazing drawings thousands of years old

Sadly, many rocks have been broken up and used in walls and other construction


  1. Ladakh and its important city, Leh has been an ongoing interest of mine for several years. I recently have come to know the work of a lady photographer who lives there and take hauntingly beautiful, professional photos of the area and its people.

    There is an Aryan strain of tribes that live nearby who are genetically different from the
    Tibetans. They have been studied and described for a number if years. Thanks so much for your posts and pictures.

  2. I especially like the frozen waves and the receding lake scenes. What a beautiful place this must be!

  3. You can see more of his superb photography at:


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