Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday Lunch

On Saturday we headed out to the bazaar about 11:00. This was my first walking all the way in since I first became ill. I did quite well, although I flagged badly on the way back right at the hospital. This time we walked through the school and down our steps, rather than the Dhobi Ghat path we've been taking. It feels shorter through the Quad. Plus it gave me a chance to sit on a bench for a few minutes. We were home before 2:30.

Going through Landour there were many signs of Diwali coming very soon. Many shops were selling candles, fireworks, and decorations. Diwali is the Hindu New Year. People get new clothes, buy appliances, shoes and many other items. (A little like Christmas and Easter combined!)

I couldn't resist this vegetable/fruit seller. His shop always looks like this. I was hoping to spot some red winter carrots, and he had them. They are very flavorful and sweet and only available starting about now. It is the season for gajar halwa, made from these carrots. Can't wait to have some!

Shops that sell household supplies had lots on display. Stainless steel dishes are popular, as they don't break.

Many areas are spruced up for the holiday; this wall below Castle Hill Estate was whitewashed and the stones then outlined in blue. There are a number of these cubbyholes where people can rest and enjoy the sun.

We went to the Green Vegetarian Restaurant for lunch. It was really good; we will probably take Anjali and Domingos there when we are in town one day.

Of course, I had to start with paneer pakoras. The green chutney was very fresh and delicious. I like to have dahi (yogurt) with meals in Indian restaurants; often it is on the spicy side for me.

We had Green Special Dal (very good!) and aloo palak (potatoes in spinach gravy, simple and delicious). Dan loves the pickled onions that most places put out. He never gets sick, so they must be OK. I'm not much for raw onions, so I let him have double.

The tandoori roti were fresh and crisp.

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