Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We were pleased to be invited to an Indian home for a Diwali celebration on Monday evening. (Today, Tuesday is the actual holiday, generally spent with family.) We were invited by Naveen, the Whitemans' cook; Ramkesh, a school employee who has been cleaning our house; and Sumitra, Naveen's sister and Ramkesh's wife, who also does cleaning and cooking for several staff members. They have three children, Hermani, Hamint, and Hemansu. Naveen and Hermani did the cooking. The Whitemans are sending Naveen to a culinary school in Dehradun. He will be able to qualify as a five-star chef when he is finished. So far he is the first in his class!

It was a lovely evening; two other staff members were also there. First we all went into their small home, which is in the first building at Jabarket, up and behind from the road. There are a tiny kitchen and two small rooms. After the meal, we went outside and the kids set off the firecrackers that Ian had brought for them.

Ian and Neva with Ramkesh, Sumitra, and Hermani

Hermani in the kitchen

Sumitra and Ian

Naveen in the kitchen

Ramkesh and Neva

Sumitra and Ramkesh
An unexpected treat was meeting Chota Lal, Sumitra and Naveen's father, who used to work at Hostel. He had a great time talking with Dan in Hindi and remembering all the old-time staff who came through Hostel. He worked there for 30 years until retirement.

Dan and Chota Lal
The meal began with fish pakoras (dipped in chickpea flour batter and deep fried). Very nice!

Chopped salad

Meat curry

Poories, matar paneer, salad, and potato curry

Warm custard with fruit for dessert

After the fireworks everyone posed for a group photo outside.

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  1. That looks like a fun time, although as usual you're killing me with all of the various food pics. Yum!!


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