Saturday, October 22, 2011

WOSA Centennial Begins

Wednesday evening was the real beginning of the WOSA Centennial celebrations, but I was here in Mussoorie prepping, so don't have any photos from the Bollywood dinner. There were about 50-60 people in attendance.

Thursday afternoon we had set registration from 5:00 to 7:00, but we expected a lot of people to come early. So about 2:00 we set up our tables just inside the Woodstock gate. Two people from the business office joined us to take in any money and process credit cards. We took a mug shot of each person as they arrived and got their name tags. (And yes, they started coming in before 3:00.)

The Quad was being prepared with golden streamers overhead and the class flags hung from the balconies. It was interesting watching them string up the streamers. First they strung wires across at about six feet, added the streamers, then raised the whole apparatus up and out of the way. It was breezy most of the time, so the fluttering gold was very attractive. Some of the students were eating their lunch outside in the sunshine when I took this picture from our balcony.

A special banner was made and hung on the pushta just inside the main school gate.

Here I am with my two volunteers, Lois and Beth. Both were former students and now adult friends, so it was great they could both be here to help out.

Here's the registration table with the main gate in the background. Lois checked them in, the two men from the business office took payment (if they hadn't paid in advance), and Mary Ina (another volunteer) gave them their name tags. We had a student photographer called Fuse (his full Thai name is quite unpronouncable) who took a photo of each person.

Beth was at the last table where they had to answer a few questions and pick up their packet of schedules and nice Woodstock water bottle. While we were there it got dark and cool. The sunset and the winterline were right behind us.

Next:  dinner and entertainment in the Quad

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