Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Friday morning we had an all-school assembly in the gym. Students from all grades attended; the Junior School on the side bleachers and the Senior School on the main ones. Guests were on chairs on the floor.

Abhra greeting some of the alumni

Senior School behind guests

Honoring 15-year plus staff members

Abe and Bethany with Eleanor rapping Shadows
After the assembly was over, our volunteers took the visiting alumni for tours of the school. One group went to the dorms on the lower level, but others did not. We headed out Tehri Road to the Hanifl Centre for lunch. Even the older ones made it very well. (It's about a kilometer and slightly uphill.)

It was pleasant to sit around the grounds at Hanifl eating our box lunches.

The class of 1951 were celebrating their 60th anniversary of graduation.

After lunch Krishnan Kutty, Director of the Hanifl Centre, talked about outdoor and environmental education and how important it is.

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  1. Enjoying your posts! Is there concern that perhaps there are too many "happenings" occurring at the school impinging on the academic task. Is there an implied limit...should there be?


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