Sunday, October 2, 2011

Produce Shopping

Friday I walked into Kulri to see the dentist again. As last spring, I am having a crown put on while I am here. See here for my experience at the Oral Health Resort last May.

On the way home, I stopped to replenish our fresh food supply. Back in the 1970s we usually bought from the Sardarji, who had a shop near the Landour Chowk. Since then, he has moved toward the Clock Tower and carries a wide variety of goods, even French wine! (You have to ask for it.) His son now runs the shop a lot of the time, but I always like it when he is there.

I got some nice crisp Golden Delicious apples. They even had a sticker on them, similar to the ones we see in the US. These didn't have the code number on them, but I've seen some with the same numbers we use; it must be a worldwide system. The apples are sitting on our marble countertop in our kitchen.

I love guavas, but Dan doesn't. I get four at a time and stew them with a small amount of sugar. They are seedy but delicious. You can eat them raw but I like them stewed.

This is the first papaya I've gotten this year. The Sardarji assured me that it would be ready to eat on Sunday, so I'm cutting it up today. The two small lemons will add zest to the flavor.

Below the hospital is a small bazaar where the Tehri bus stand is located. There is a small restaurant/shop there called Sugar and Spice. They sell pillows covered in nice printed fabric and some clothing. They also have a bakery, so I got some flaxseed whole wheat bread. It isn't very tall, but it is very tasty. And they gave it to me in a small cloth bag. All this for Rs. 50, just over a dollar.

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