Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Misty Days

Usually once the monsoon is over and the rains have stopped, October is full of beautiful, sunny fall days, turning chilly in the evenings. This year the mist and clouds have hung on. Some days there are patches of sun, especially in the mornings, but overall it has been a bit depressing, as we can't see much off the hillside. But it is beautiful!

This view was taken to the east from Rokeby above the Chukker.

Towards Woodstock Villa on the way back from the bazaar

Several langurs in the misty trees off Zigzag path

This large bull langur was eating from a bush beside the path on my way down from Sisters' Bazaar. As I neared, I thought he would move away, but instead he just stared at me. I stepped back a few feet to wait a bit. Just then some people came up the path below and he jumped into a tree. I've learned not to trust solo male monkeys of any kind....

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