Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bazaar Signs

Many visitors to India have made a point of photographing unusual signs (you can Google "india english signs" and find lots of them). Last week I took several in the bazaar that struck my fancy.

This tailoring shop specializes in "peeko" which is hemming of a dupatta, a long sheer scarf. (I just learned that from my office-mate Monica.)

Hotel Camel View might seem like a really odd name for a mountain hotel; there are no camels anywhere around. But there is a hill called "Camel's Back," and it must be visible from this hotel.

In India, jewellery means gold and precious gems. This place is advertising its imitation items.

An "English" wine shop sells foreign-style beer and liquor (not necessarily imported, although there might be some). A "regular" wine shop sells local hooch, which is not always safe. The licenses are good for one year.

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