Thursday, October 13, 2011

More about Writers

It is a very busy week here (my excuse for missing a couple of days). We are in the final throes of preparation for the WOSA Centennial celebration which begins next Wednesday. You'll hear more about that later. I have two more posts about the writers' talks, but today I have a few pictures for you.

On Thursday we were at the Hanifl Centre for Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education. It is a beautiful facility on the site of Ashton Court, one of the Mennonite properties that was deeded over to the school. Many students attended on Thursday (all the seniors plus some others, I believe). This shows them sitting outside waiting for the program to begin inside.

A formal portrait of the writers plus the organizers. Left to right:  Lalitha Krishnan, assistant to Steve Alter, curator of the Winterline Foundation for the Arts; Mehrotra senior; Lightman (leaning down); DeSouza; Mehrotra junior; Aitken (front); Davidar; Jha; Steve.

I like this one even better; I took it as they were gathering and waiting for the photographer. You can see how much they enjoyed interacting with each other.

Cambridge Book Shop set up both days; Wednesday in the Quad and Thursday at Hanifl.

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