Thursday, October 20, 2011


Over time, I have posted quite a few pictures of pushta-building going on around the hillside. Especially following the monsoon, a lot of repair work needs to be done. And in some areas the old pushta has simply disintegrated.

Just below Landour Community Hospital, there has been major ongoing work for several years. Part of the new pushta is finished and looks good. The next section, to the left, will probably remove the shack that is hanging precariously above the road.

At the corner on the road between the hospital and Springview, they have finished the work we watched last year. The new path is quite pukka; we went up it last weekend to visit a volunteer doctor and his wife.

Not related to pushtas, but here is a photo of some gorgeous begonias right outside the Media Centre, the 1993 building above the Flagpole area.

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