Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another week

I think it's been a full week since I last posted. We haven't been doing that much differently than usual.

On Sunday morning we went to the JJ Farmers' Market, northeast of the city a short distance. It was very crowded; cars were moving very slowly through, trying to find a parking space, which was nearly impossible. Fortunately, we were on the scooter, and could move through the crowd and park much more easily. There was a wide variety of produce and crafts. Below are packages showing some of the colors of rice available. And some really cute packets!

Eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, tamarind, and maybe jackfruit and some other greens.

This booth had cloth strawberries and tulips for sale.

A woman selling salad rolls.

As usual, I never can tell what these ready-to-eat items are.

On Monday after tai chi class, I went with one of my classmates to a coffee shop called the Clay Studio. It was set in a stunning location, with lots of trees and statues. Tables were scattered around. Very lovely and serene, and almost right behind the Chiang Mai Gate Market.

One of our takeout meals was Pad Thai from a vendor at the CMG market. She packs it up in banana leaves and a separate packet holds the fresh bean sprouts, lime, and small green onions.

They are doing some remodeling at IDI, where I get my massages. As I left on Wednesday afternoon, I saw the manager (on the left) working with a young woman who was pounding/grinding herbs for herbal massage. It smelled good, like something you could happily eat.

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