Saturday, January 20, 2018

Some Food

I think I mentioned before that we are eating our evening meal in more often -- there are so many options for take-away. Dan especially enjoys going to Kom Market in the late afternoon to see what he can find. We usually have some type of noodles, a salad, and a protein. Last week I posted some brown noodles, barbecued chicken, and salad rolls. This week it is a cucumber salad, noodles with a few veggies, and son-in-law eggs (deep fried boiled eggs in a sweet and sour sauce).

On Thursday evening we decided to visit one of our favorite places, Spoon de Best. They served a Penang fish curry that was delicious. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was gone -- no sign of a restaurant; some travel agency was in the spot. We went on down the street to another place we like, Baan Na Na. I had a Penang curry with chicken. The little green balls are tiny eggplants, just larger than a pea. Dan had the same dish with pork. We also had some spring rolls.

I went to tai chi class every day this week. It was very tiring, but good to get back in the groove. It will probably take me most of the time we are here just to correct my form a little bit at a time. In a year some of the moves have lost their perfection. The class this week had people from France, Sweden, Canada, England, Singapore and the US. Here are just a few of us. Most of them won't be back next week.

Saturday morning I went to the market again. The choices are much better early in the morning -- I generally pick up our fruit on the way home from class, about 11:30. Eight bananas for 65¢, four limes for 32¢ (more expensive than some), peeled pomelo for 95¢, and two mangos for 95¢.

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