Saturday, January 6, 2018

Settling In

We've been in Thailand three days now and our routine is beginning to be established. This year we are back in a studio room rather than a one-bedroom apartment. The place we stay, Smith Suites, has become so popular that a number of ex-pats are staying here year-round and all the larger units are rented. We are on the third floor, so our view isn't nearly as good as it was from the sixth. But there is lots of storage space and the kitchen is well-equipped. The electric hob has two burners instead of the four we had last year, but we never use more than one anyway. I do miss a more comfortable place to sit and lounge. It is either the bed or a chair at the small table.

The first night we went back to a nearby place we like, the Blues Pub. I had my usual chicken with cashews, stir-fried with lots of veggies. Always delicious. It's nice to be recognized and welcomed back.

Not far from us was a new building going up last year. It is finally open, a hotel called just Bed. It is pretty expensive for here (around $75 a night) and looks really nice. The parking lot for five or so cars is right off the street.

This year we are doing less restaurant eating and more take-out. Friday we had chicken wraps from a vendor we've used frequently before. They are delicious. Tonight (Saturday) Dan went to a nearby market and brought back several delicious things. The first were five veggie wraps for salad. There were two dipping sauces. There is a small piece of meat in with the carrots, cucumbers and nice lettuce.

He got a bag of noodles. I'm not sure what the flavor was, but they were tasty. We also had barbecued chicken, about five pieces. All of this cost about $3.

I had my first massage today. I was happy to be back with Dang, who knows my body quite well and does a good job. She could tell it had been too long since my last massage! I haven't done a lot more yet, as I am still recovering from walking pneumonia. It is getting better every day; I still don't have a very high energy level.

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