Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Update

Saturday evening we went back to the Walking Market again. I was feeling better, up to the walk (about 2-2.5 miles altogether). We didn't buy anything, but it is always fun to see all the crafts and other goods for sale. We went a bit too early -- some vendors were still setting up, and the food courts weren't really ready. We ended up getting three sausages (Chiang Mai, German, and Garlic) and some spring rolls, all from the same vendor. The rolls were quite large -- two dots means shrimp, one dot means chicken. The sweet/sour sauce comes in little plastic bags, ripe for a spill, so we dumped them both into one of our bowls. This is my plate, with a bite of each sausage and half of each spring roll.

Sunday afternoon I had the last of my every-other-day massages; now it will be twice a week. I am back in my tai chi class Monday-Friday mornings and for now don't want too many other activities on my schedule. I am definitely feeling better, able to handle the .9-mile walk to class, an hour of tai chi exercises, and the walk back. I usually do a little shopping on the way back -- milk or fruit mainly.

It has been interesting to notice changes along the way. Old shops disappear and new ones take their places.

This rather odd place has opened. It is some kind of Hindu thing, not likely a shop or even a temple, more like a museum. It says "Lord Ganesha Free Entrance" on the outside. I haven't gone in, but must look in one of these days.

This corner used to have a store I didn't really notice. Just behind the white pickup there was a fried chicken vendor, who was set up there every lunch time. Now it is a new hostel.

When I walked by Le Light on my way home from class, they were setting up lunch for a large group of people. This table was right outside, but under their roof.

I've always walked by the fire station. Can you tell what is wrong with this picture? The white truck is blocking egress for the engine on the left.

Looking across the moat, I saw these enormous double-decker tour buses. We saw a couple of them last week on one of our more narrow streets. They usually seem to be filled with Chinese tourists, who love to come to Chiang Mai.

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