Thursday, February 1, 2018

Midweek Miscellany

Last Saturday we met up with two former Woodstock students, Marti and Peggy. Marti lived in Thailand for many years and returns frequently. We have had a visit with her each year we've been here. It was Peggy's first trip. We met at an Indian restaurant quite near where we live -- I had just heard of it, and Marti said a friend told her it was the best Indian food in Chiang Mai.

This picture of the four of us isn't very flattering, but I don't have a better one. Thanks, Marti, for sharing it.

Clockwise from center:  paneer tikka, aloo zeera (potatoes with cumin seed), palak paneer, veg samosas, and lamb jalfrezi. Breads were naan, tandoori roti, and chapati. It was absolutely delicious.

Dan headed off to a cricket match and Peggy accompanied me back to our room to rest for a while. Then she took off and a bit later I met her for a visit to the Saturday Walking Street Market. She got a number of gifts for her family members. I liked these T-shirts, but didn't get any. We walked in as far as the bull (where we usually cut off to head back to our place) and then back to the entry. I walked her to where some song toaws (truck group taxis) congregate. The first one we approached wasn't going her direction, but the driver stepped out into the street and flagged down one that was. It didn't get her quite to her hotel, but she managed to find it anyway.

Sunday afternoon I had another massage. They are remodeling the main area where I've always been, so we were upstairs in this big light space. There are a total of 12 pallets here and several were in use. When I went back Tuesday for my next one, Dang wasn't there; her daughter is in the hospital. I hope all is well; I will see if she is back later this week.

Walking home from tai chi class through the back sois (alleys), I saw this very modest home that is covered with blooming greenery.

I especially like this tree along the moat. I wonder how many years until its roots give up and it falls into the water (probably many).

On Wednesday afternoon we went to the Maya Mall to see The Post. The movie definitely lived up to its reputation; it was excellent. One option was the First Class Cinema, more expensive with lounge chairs, popcorn and soda. However, the movie we wanted to see wasn't playing there (I think it was Maze Runner, not my style!). I enjoyed looking at the popcorn, which came in multiple flavors, including caramel, wasabi, paprika, and salt.

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