Sunday, February 4, 2018

Flower Festival

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is held every February. There are many displays at the park Friday through Sunday and a big parade on Saturday. I've posted quite a few pictures other years so don't have so many this year. In fact, I only went to the parade for a short while. Dan was at a cricket match. I walked down to the main street on the moat, which is quite near us, and watched a bit. But by the time the parade gets here, fairly near the end, it has stretched out so much that there are huge gaps between the marchers and the floats. I wasn't feeling very patient, so watched a few go by and then went back to our room.

On Friday, I realized everyone was getting in the spirit -- this display was in front of IDI, where I get my massages.

Some of the trees along the moat even joined in. Maybe this is one of the reasons the flower show is held at this time of year!

These two boys were carrying a large drum. I can't imagine walking sideways like that for several miles.

This is the tail end of a group that were carrying pictures of the royal family, followed by women dressed in various local costumes.

The back part of one float. They are truly amazing.

We frequently hear the distinctive tune played by the ice cream truck (or more accurately, bike). I had never seen one. I suspect this man was doing a pretty good business going along the parade route.

These women in pink with their parasols looked so nice.

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