Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekend Update

It's been a quiet week. I met up with Marti again at the Grill of India for lunch on Wednesday (the baigan bhartha was very good). On Thursday evening we tried Aum, a vegetarian restaurant highly recommended by Hope and David, a Canadian couple who swim almost every afternoon when I do. It is near our old favorite, the Doo Dee. (We haven't been back there since our first disappointing visit under the new owners.) We had the fried spring rolls to start.

I had the wonton soup, which was delicious.

Dan had the kaow soi, which was also delicious. However, he prefers meat to tofu.

One evening I decided to get creative in the kitchen. I boiled up a carrot, an apple, a potato, and an onion. Then I sautéed more onion and added the vegetables. When they were ready, I added beaten eggs and some chopped-up cheese (we don't have a grater). It made a very satisfying meal. And Dan picked up fresh strawberries that day -- they are super flavorful!

I have been fascinated every year by the shrubs that are in pots beside the pool. The leaves sprout only from the ends of the branches and the flowers bloom on long stems, also from the branch ends. Right now the white one has one bloom and the pink one has four. Neither has very many leaves.

After my lunch on Wednesday, I detoured through the Chiang Mai Gate Market on my way back. Most of the vendors are gone before noon. This man was taking advantage of the tables to have a nap.

The space between the old wall at Chiang Mai Gate and the road has topiary shrubs. They are always nicely trimmed.

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