Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eating and Touring in Georgetown

Monday evening we went a short distance down the street to Mr. Shewarma. Dan had checked out several places earlier and thought this was a good one. They had street-side seating, as did most places, but we sat inside near the back where there was a fan and it was cooler. We had banana-strawberry milkshakes, which were absolutely delicious. They were more pink than orange, as they appear in the photo.

We ordered a shwarma set which included two plates. One had chicken pieces on top of a thin bread like chapati with french fries. It was definitely not photogenic. The chicken was good, though. The other plate had cole slaw, another veggie salad, hummus, and I think baba ganoush. I'm sorry I didn't get the picture until we had already dug in!

Walking along the street in the early evening we see dozens of food carts, everything from burgers (Old Wafford style and crispy chicken) to a variety of things I don't recognize. Noodles are popular all over Asia, of course.

This cart had quite a variety -- and yes, those are octopus tentacles on the far left.

Tuesday morning we decided to get on the free bus that circles the inner part of the city that is a UNESCO heritage sight. We had seen a good bit of it last year on the Hop-on Hop-off bus as well as Monday on our long ride back from Penang Hill. At one of the stops there were a couple of ricksha drivers waiting for customers. Notice that unlike India, these drivers sit behind the passengers. This driver was relaxing in the passenger seat while waiting.

At the jetty bus stop we again had to get out and get into another bus to continue the route. I noticed this sign yesterday and caught a quick shot today. Yes, it is a good idea:  "Do Not Chase After Moving Bus."

Tuesday evening we went a bit further down the street, near the entrance to Little India, to a biriani restaurant. It was cool and comfortable and not at all crowded (3 other customers). Dan had the mutton and I had the veggie biriani. We both ordered garlic naan and lassis as well. My veg biriani came on a thali with some dal and several vegetables as well as some raita.

The garlic naan was on a thali as well, with a sweet yogurt concoction, coriander chutney, and a red chutney. The naan was a bit thinner than we are used to, but that was a good thing. I've never seen such large chunks of garlic on naan! 

Dan's mutton biriani came in a clay pot, also with some side dishes -- dal and raita. And a hard-boiled egg.

Dan's Thai visa arrived in the afternoon and we are heading to Batu Ferringhi, the beach area, on Wednesday around noon.

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