Friday, October 20, 2017

Oban and Keswick

We had a good if brief stay in Oban. The town was small enough to walk all around the shops and harbor quite easily. We ate in an Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant for supper and the waiter was very impressed with Dan's Hindi. The view below is of the harbor. It is an active ferry port, the gateway to Iona and Mull and other islands.

On Thursday we drove south again, heading out of Scotland and toward Keswick in the Lake District. The first part of the drive along Loch Lomond was quite narrow, but about halfway it broadened out and was easier driving. Here is a quick view of the loch from the car.

Our B&B in Keswick is right on the main street heading into town. Unfortunately, roadworks are going on and there is a one-way system going on right in front. It makes parking a bit difficult. We decided to drive downtown rather than walk, as it is more than a mile. I saw this restaurant that caught my eye -- it had multiple rooms inside.

We walked around town -- it was market day and there were many stalls selling a wide variety of goods:  food, crafts, clothing, etc. We also found a pharmacy to get some more cold medicine for Dan. The pharmacist at the Boots was extremely helpful, asked about what other meds he was on and recommended a nasal decongestant, which did help him sleep better. After that we went to the restaurant and took a table. No one came for some time, so I read the menu and found out it is all electronic. I downloaded the app onto my phone, gave our table number and placed the order. It wasn't long until our food arrived. It was curry night and I had a sweet potato/chickpea/spinach curry and Dan had lamb rogan josh. It came with naan, rice and papadums (and a free drink but I missed checking the box on the order!).

This morning after breakfast we took a walk up the small street just outside our B&B. There is a stone circle at the top and I'd wanted to see one. It was about a mile going steadily uphill. We passed a farm that had chickens and ducks and geese. These were walking in a group across the yard.

The fencerow along this road was an old stone wall.

At the top of the hill the stone circle stood across a plain field of grass. It was quite wet, but fortunately the grass was short.

Here's a closer view of the stones. On the left was an outlined area called the sanctuary. The stones weren't very tall, but it was impressive.

After a brief rest, we will head out to do a scenic drive around some of the lakes. There was a low heavy cloud cover this morning after rain in the night, but it appears to be lifting.

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