Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Update

Our last week here is flying by. As I'd hoped, I finished up the Tai Chi series of moves yesterday. That gives me three classes to go over the entire series and make any corrections necessary. My plan is to practice regularly during the year so I can start moving ahead right away next year (it took me more than a week just to get caught up to where I stopped last year). Our grandkids are coming over today and we'll have one more time to get together on the weekend.

Our residence has a nice big lawn with a covered sitting area and a few more seats. Recently there have been people out there playing bocce. When I took this picture it was over 90° and too sunny for me!

Every day I walk past the fire station on my way to tai chi class. Monday the tank truck was out on the street and filling up with water from the moat. You would not want to be drenched with that stinky water!!

On Saturday I signed up for the Asia Scenic cooking class at a farm. I did this last year, but I wanted to review my Thai cooking skills. And it was a chance to spend the day with Jazz and Billy, who wanted to cook, too. I signed up by email and got a confirmation of pickup time. I was a bit concerned when J&B weren't on the van, but when we got to the market on the way, they were there in another group. I spoke to our leader and asked if I could be switched, since we had signed up together. He immediately moved me into their van and cooking group, which worked out well.

At the market on the way we looked at the variety of vegetables and other things. This shows some of the types of rice available -- sticky and plain, several colors.

One of the features of this class is making the curry pastes from scratch. It is a lot of work, pounding with the mortar and pestle for quite a long time. Here is the group hard at work. We had people from the U.K., Greece, France, and the U.S.

My soup of chicken in coconut milk and massaman curry.

Sunday morning I walked over to the soi (alley) behind the Chiang Mai Gate Market. There were many little stalls with a variety of things available. As shown in the photo below, a lot of things are sold wrapped in leaf packets. I've no idea what these were. Prices can be shown for a single item or a kilo, depending what it is.

Underwear in two sizes, usually small and extra-small. And of course, you can choose black or white!

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