Tuesday, February 2, 2016

River Trip Lunch

I promised I would share our lunch with you, so here we go.

First came the appetizers, sesame-coated Mekong sea plant, very thin, deep fried. Crispy and nice but not too much flavor other than the sesame. There was also some sliced sausage.

Soup course -- absolutely delicious; chicken with potatoes and carrots in a coconut milk broth.

Sticky rice was served in its own cute little basket -- one per person. It appears to be more common here than regular rice.

These little packets held two bites of delicious soft fish in an herbed broth.

The two main dishes, both chicken-based. In the rear is lab, a salad-like dish of minced meat with herbs. The front dish was chicken and vegetables in broth. They offered regular rice as well as the sticky, but we had plenty to eat without it.

We had a nice plate of fruit afterwards.

This spirit house was near the dock area. I thought it was wonderful with its carved balconies and staircases.

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