Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Couple of Outings

I've mentioned the Blues Pub before -- a small, inexpensive restaurant a short block from our place. We go there pretty regularly, even though they don't have a very large menu. This time I got a photo of the couple who run the place -- it's been going for well over 20 years. I'm pretty sure they live in the back.

When I walk to my tai chi class daily, I pass a lot of familiar sights. I finally got a photo of this fried chicken stand. When I go by on my way (about 9:35), it is just getting going. There are two huge woks of oil in the shelter on the left. The cooler is full of marinated chicken parts. And the canopied cart has various pieces of deep-fried chicken priced from about 10 to 35 baht. There are always customers!

On Saturday, due to a Facebook posting, we met up with a former Woodstock student, Sharon Getter Mitchell. She had been in a village in China and spent a few days here with her husband on their way south. We had lunch at a great little place near the train station, Upper Crust. They had great sandwiches and other items. I had the Greek salad shown below and Shari and I both had the mango cheesecake for dessert, which was wonderful. Dan and Malcolm had hamburgers; they looked really good!

Here we are with Shari. Thanks, Malcolm, for the photo.

We tried a new place last week, Gai's Thai Cafe. The veg pizza was delicious.

Last Sunday we went back to the Whole Earth Restaurant where we ate several times last year. The dining room on the upper level of the building is gorgeous.

The mango lassi was great! We had Indian food, which was good, but not quite up to full Indian standards.

Flowers on the table are common at many restaurants, as is the note telling the wifi password.

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