Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last Things

Today is our last day in Chiang Mai. We will check out of our room at 6:00 and have ordered a taxi for 8:00. We'll have dinner somewhere not too far where we can take our time. Our flight is almost at midnight, but we'll be better off sitting at the airport (in A/C) than in the less-than-comfortable lobby of our building.

I finished up my Tai Chi class on Friday. It was also Mathilda's last day and she brought fragrant posies for everyone (camellia or gardenia, maybe). We had some group pictures. Two of the class members will likely be there again next year, but the others will have flown off in their different directions. It's been a fairly convivial group, everyone encouraging the others.

The grandkids came on Wednesday evening. After our domino game, we stood on the balcony in a strong wind that seemed to be brewing up a storm. It held off, but around 2:00 there was loud, heavy rain for an extended period. It cooled things down nicely, but the humidity was quite high. I had my last massage on Friday afternoon. Dang seemed sad to see me go and I was sad to see the last of her for some time.

Saturday we had our last time with the grandkids -- we are all getting a bit sick of dominoes, so no one was too sad about seeing the last of them! I had asked Dan to get some oranges while he was out to offer for snacks. He came back with a fruit feast -- oranges, pomelo (already sectioned), papaya (cut), watermelon pieces and pineapple (in spears). Along with some crunchies we already had, we gorged ourselves. In the end, one orange, one piece of watermelon, and one section of pomelo were left! Again we got supper down at the market area -- a mixture of chicken kabob wraps, papaya salad, pad thai, and pork, and brought it back to our room to eat. We'll see them all in May when we visit Spokane, so it wasn't a sad farewell. What a treat it's been to have them here!

This morning (Sunday) we took the scooter out to the JJ Market, where we had been on our first Sunday here with Ming and her mother. It's about a mile northeast of the Old City. It is an organic market with incredible vegetables and fruit (not that we need those now) and some handicrafts. We needed to pick up a few gifts (nothing like waiting until the last minute!) and knew we'd find something interesting there.

Now Dan is off for his last massage and then to return the scooter. I'll work on packing and relaxing (and probably a little tai chi practice).

We'll be in Korea for about five days, heading home on Friday, March 4.

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