Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Luang Prabang Wrap-up

We are heading back to Chiang Mai today (Wednesday). It's been a very nice, relaxing visit. There is a new very modern bar next door to our hotel. We stopped in a couple of times and enjoyed chatting with the manager (Swiss) and owner (English). The food is small plates (tapas) and all delicious. Below are a dark chocolate mousse and shrimp balls.

Looking down from our balcony, I watched a truck/taxi filling up with backpackers, probably heading to the airport or bus station.

These are the brooms they use to clean. I'm not sure why these were laid out so nicely on the patio, but I thought it was a good opportunity for a photo.

One day we ate lunch at Lao Lao, recommended by our hotel. We biked there, as it was a bit far to walk. It was a lovely setting in a garden that went up a slope behind the street. Lao Lao is also the name of the distilled spirits we saw being made in the village.

This dish was chicken and vegetables in a coconut milk curry sauce. Very tasty.

While we were there, we enjoyed watching this small dog move around from spot to spot. This young man brought him food and tried to get him to eat, but the dog wasn't interested.

The Lao skirts and tops are lovely, in both silk and cotton. I saw many of the women, young and old, dressed in the skirts, which are a tube that is wrapped around the body. Very colorful!

We visited one of the temples on the main street. The front of one of the temples was covered with a mural.

Closeup of one section of the mural.

Entrance stairs with multiple snakeheads was reminiscent of Angkor Wat.

This old stupa was on the grounds.

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