Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weather (and Massage)

Well, I do know what is happening around the world weather-wise. East coast friends, I hope you are digging out and both enjoyed and survived the snow. South Korea family are having temperatures in the single digits (F°). Indiana appears to be reasonably mild at the moment. Spokane also is warmer than sometimes in January.  Chiang Mai is having a cold, rainy spell. Last year we had one day of rain and it was a bit cool for a short time. This year the rain hit on Sunday afternoon and the temperature dropped dramatically. Monday and Tuesday it has been in the lower 50s (F), which is really cold when there is no warm place to go -- and when you don't have any cold weather clothing. Our apartment has stayed very comfortable.

I made it to my Tai Chi class both days. It was a heavy mist, sort of a sprinkle. I wore my sweater, which is a very thin one. Fortunately, I get very warmed up in the class! Today it was cooler yet, and rainier. There aren't many people out walking. I had a massage this afternoon and made it back home at a good clip trying to dodge the drops. A hot shower and fresh clothing helped a lot. It is supposed to be back into the upper 70s tomorrow, so this is short-lived. The manager at the massage place said this is the coldest it's been in ten years. The people here are not used to it and they are all bundled up in winter coats and hats. I saw people riding their motor scooters holding an umbrella over their heads (this doesn't exactly work if you are driving forward...). Many of the bikers have a plastic rain cover to protect them somewhat. On the way home from dinner last night I saw two dogs dressed in T-shirts to keep them warm. I'm not sure if a cold wet T-shirt is better than a natural coat of fur!

Monday evening we went back to the Doo Dee. They had their doors closed to keep out the cold, which helped a little bit. Our waitress, Lek, was dressed for it, though.

Today I had a most wonderful 2-hour massage. I've been doing this twice a week and I can feel some of my muscles, especially in my legs, getting better. It's amazing how the therapists use their entire bodies as they do the massage. Compared to western techniques, there is more pressure, kneading, and stretching, and less rubbing. I wish I could describe better how it is done, but if you are especially interested, there are lots of videos on YouTube.

Below is my massage person, Daang. (Pronounced like a short a, but stretched out -- not ah.) She is very good and is working hard on my legs, trying to get my hip socket range of motion extended a bit. I like her, but we can't converse very much, as her English vocabulary is quite limited. She does know "ow" and "pain." (Not that it happens a lot!)

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