Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Food

Every evening we go out for supper, after doing our own simple breakfast and lunch in our room. Sunday and Monday evenings we crossed the road at Chang Mai Gate and headed into the Old City. One place we liked last year, Spoon de Best, was closed on Sunday, so we found a place farther on that we also tried last year. I forgot to note its name. Near the street they had a bar with blinking lights that displayed many bottles of liquor (I think they were empty).

They have rooms to rent, too. This signboard has the nightly rates -- 100 baht is about $2.75 or so, showing that you can stay pretty cheaply in Chiang Mai. I think the rubbed-out part says Private room with A/C, maybe 350 baht.

We started with spring rolls -- we haven't had bad ones anywhere yet!

I had shrimp and cashews with lots of vegetables, mainly peppers and onions (and some carrots).

Dan had Pad See Ew, which is usually served with broccoli in the US. Here is it a more kale-like vegetable (maybe broccoli rabe?). The rice noodles are always wide in this dish.

We did get back to Spoon de Best on Monday when it was open. My pad thai came with quite a presentation.

On our walk back we passed the Chiang Mai Gate Market. During the day, the inside tables are covered with all kinds of things. At night the inside is mostly empty, but there are vendors along the street selling all kinds of food. Below you could get your fresh seafood.

The majority of the food on offer at the stalls is cooked. This is salted grilled fish, which must have been popular -- I suspect the grill had been full earlier.

One shop had steamed fish with herbs. It looks good! We keep saying we will get a fish and bring it to our place to eat one of these times.

This morning my tai chi class was great. We only had four students (not so great for the teacher), which meant Rod had plenty of time to get around to help each individual. He complimented my form and said he thought I might finish learning the square form during this visit. We shall see. So far I've been mostly reviewing what I was supposed to have learned last year...

Flowers on the table outside the tai chi studio

I saw this bush on my way home along the street. Beautiful flower cluster!

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