Sunday, January 17, 2016

This and That

Having our grandchildren here in Chiang Mai has made a big difference from our visit last year. We are getting together about twice a week to play dominoes and eat together. This week we got our supper at a variety of food stalls and brought it back to our apartment. We are enjoying having this time to get to know them better as young adults.

My tai chi school is in a quiet neighborhood across the soi (alley) from a temple. The place next door is being renovated to become a restaurant, so Rod had his fence raised to provide a little more separation.

Marisa and Dario fooling around with the staff before class

Worker adding height to the wall

Finished wall awaiting painting

Stone-inlaid sidewalk in front of a business on my walk to tai chi

Bridge over moat built last year; plants add a nice look. It also has
lights at night in Christmas tree, snowflake and star shapes.

Along the moat. This cement structure holds plumbing equipment and is
finished off to look like a tree trunk.

Making individual orders of pad thai at food stall

Private home gate along road; very apropos given the number of roosters we hear every morning.

Small restaurant along street

There are about 3-4 of these u-turn places along the moat road,  which encircles the old city.
The road is one-way on each side of the moat.

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