Sunday, January 10, 2016


A good Sunday morning to you! We had a great day yesterday. Our grandkids came to our place in the afternoon and we had a full round of dominoes (all the way down to double zero), while noshing on snacks including mango and sticky rice, crunchy things, red bean paste patties sweet and salty, and red and white wine. When we were finished, we went to the Saturday Walking Street Market, which begins quite near to us. We walked through the entire market, ending up southwest of us. We walked a good way back to our place (two sides of the triangle created by the walking street). Some of us picked up something to eat at the market, pad thai or fried rice. I was happy just to have some fruit when we got back. What a nice and unusual way to spend a Saturday in Chiang Mai.

Scenes at the market:

Sugar toast -- not sure exactly what it was

Sandwiches with crab, dipped in batter and fried; strawberries have just come in

Tiny "egg birds" for sale

Various paintings of elephants

Frying dumplings and tiny mushrooms wrapped in pork strips
There is a new restaurant in our neighborhood called "Glass and Green" There is a nice small glass-enclosed building at the front. On the side there is a large and lovely courtyard with tables and nice decor. We decided to try it, even though there were only two other people there. No employees were in sight. Finally one of the other customers went back to the kitchen to tell them we were there. The food was OK, but almost no service. We probably won't go back. They have a large expensive property and we've never seen anyone else eating there. It might not make it for long...

We also went back to La Petite, the first restaurant we ate at a year ago. The proprietor, Stee, is Danish-Canadian and a friendly guy. It was nice to see him again and catch up. This photo is looking from our table to the street. There are six tables for four. The food is always good.

Chicken with peppers, rice on the side

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