Saturday, January 2, 2016


...hello and welcome to Thailand! We had a quiet last day in Seoul, going out into Itaewon for soup for lunch and doing some laundry. About 2:00 we took a taxi to the Seoul Center station. We bought our tickets for the express train to the airport and checked out bags and got our boarding passes. What an organized, convenient way to do it! We bid farewell to Anjali and Domingos, but know we will see them in just two months on our way home.

The train was fast and comfortable. I enjoyed watching the scenery fly by. Our flight left at 6:45 and got into Chiang Mai at 10:45. It is only a two-hour time difference from Seoul, and a 12-hour time difference from Goshen. It took a while to get through immigration (we were surprised at the huge lines) and wait for a taxi. There wasn't a long line of taxis, but there were quite a few people. The taxis dribbled in one or two at a time. We got to Smith Residence about midnight (although it felt later!). They said we had to stay there one night, as there is no arrangement for getting into Smith Suites so late. That was fine and we were glad to be in a comfortable bed. This morning they moved our luggage over and we got settled into our one-bedroom apartment in the same building we were in last year. Dan went out to rent a motor scooter and do some other business and I went to the local Tesco Lotus Express, where I got our groceries. We had a light lunch and now are heading out to get some SIM cards for our phones.

As we walked to a coffee shop this morning, we passed the LaPetite restaurant at which we ate frequently last year, and had a short chat with the owner. It was nice to be recognized.

Oh yes, we must get massage appointments soon!

More coming later...

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