Sunday, January 31, 2016

Around the Town

Luang Prabang isn't a very big town. Our hotel has bicycles so we've gone out to explore a few times. The road in front of our hotel heads northeast until it hits a small river, the Nam Khan. Then it curves around to the left, passes the confluence with the Mekong and heads back to the southwest on the south shore of the Mekong. All along the river the road is one way, making it easier to deal with traffic, not that it is very heavy anywhere. The full round trip takes about 40 minutes or so at my slow speed.

Our hotel is very nice. There are eight rooms in our building, four up and four down. There is another building that appears about the same size. The manager is a very young man and is very helpful. They offer tea and coffee at any time of day, and bring it to the small table on the balcony just outside our room. It is always very hot and with fresh milk on the side, just as I like it!

Here is a view of our building. Everything is teak wood, including the room interiors. It faces the street, which isn't too busy.

Breakfast is served outside our room. The French bread is fresh, and there is a small plate of fruit in addition to the eggs. More tea, of course!

This bamboo bridge is over the Nam Khan River. Definitely pedestrians only!

This view is looking across the Mekong. There is a village over there, but it's not very visible from our side of the river.

I liked this big tree along the river. The trunk and branches are covered with small green fronds. It reminds me of the trees in Mussoorie during the monsoon, when they are covered with ferns. I don't know if these are a kind of fern, but they might be.

This goat maa-ed pitifully when I stopped to take its photo. There were two of them tied to trees passing the time of day.

We found a hotel/restaurant just a couple of blocks down the street for lunch. I had a pork and egg noodle soup with lots of vegetables. It was delicious, but I couldn't eat all the noodles.

We tried the fresh spring rolls being sold near the Night Market. Unlike ones we've had before, they had some mint in the greens. Very good, although I would have liked to have a peanut dipping sauce rather than the liquid one shown here.

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