Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4

For many, many years, my parents hosted a July Fourth party at their home in Topeka (Indiana). Topeka always had many events, with games and food at the park, a parade, buggy races, and fireworks. Most of my family (the Lehmans) were there, and many of the Linds came regularly. (Our parents knew each other in college and continued their friendship through the years.) My mother moved to Indianapolis just before we moved to Goshen in 2006. I have continued the custom of family gathering for this summer holiday. Unfortunately, none of the Lehmans are nearby and only a few of them have come. But the Linds gather in good numbers. This year we had 21 of us together for a supper of barbecued chicken (from the Topeka Lions Club, as the tradition was). The rest is simple. James and Kate bring potato salad made from their own potatoes (red, white and blue!), Kathy brings veggies and her special dill dip, others bring drinks or whatever occurs to them. This year Kathy and Matthew weren't here so I made the dip. Ice cream sundaes and brownies made a simple dessert.

Our weather has been stifling but we managed to keep fairly cool and enjoy ourselves in our spacious house. Four generations were here from our 93-year-old patriarch to the 4-year-old twins. A good time was had by all.

Dip, veggies, chips, baked beans

Barbecued chicken, potato salad

Dirk V with his knitting and the twins

Some of our family and friends
During the morning, before people arrived, Dan, Anjali, Domingos and I went to Topeka. Before picking up the chicken, we visited the Historical Society Museum, which is in the old railroad depot. Many of the items in the collection are from people I knew all my life. Two special items are shown below.
Sign from my dad's medical practice, early 1980s

My dad's Army uniform, 1946-48

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  1. I didn't know about the museum, nor that your Dad's stuff was there! Will put it on my list of places to visit when I get to Goshen!


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