Friday, July 13, 2012

Day Four -- Winnipeg to Medicine Hat

We had a lovely evening with Bonnie -- dinner of shrimp and veggies over tortellini. After eating we drove down to The Forks, the area where the two major rivers meet. It is also a center for some of the First Nations groups.

We got off a bit before 8:00 this morning. We have two days to get to our hotel near Banff, and decided to make this the long one. We went clear across Saskatchewan and into Alberta, where we are spending the night at Medicine Hat. We saw lots of interesting scenery along the way. We also gained another hour as we entered the mountain time zone at the provincial border.

The day began cloudy, and shortly after seeing the sky below, we drove through a severe thunderstorm. Beautiful to see it coming across the plains.

Enormous fields of canola

Hay bales in the median -- what a great idea!

Many very large hay fields with new bales

Lunch near Moose Jaw, Dan had mushroom soup and a chicken salad sandwich. We were pleased to find such good bread at a roadside joint!

Salt from a potash mine

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