Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Eight -- Kamloops to Vancouver

After a nice breakfast in the restaurant at our Kamloops Motel, we headed off for Vancouver. Again, the scenery was beautiful all along the way. At one point we seemed to be at the same altitude as the snow that was still on the mountains.

We stopped for lunch in Abbotsford with Joan and Paul Pike, friends from Woodstock days. We had a good time visiting and catching up on the past several years. I managed to get this shot before they all posed.

One thing I haven't mentioned that helped the miles go by has been audiobooks. We've been using them for years when we drive, and this time we wanted to be sure we had plenty to get us to the west coast and back. So far we've finished Past Watch by Orson Scott Card, about future time travelers who go back to try to change the effects of Columbus' discovery of the New World, and Hard Truth, a Nevada Barr mystery that takes place in Rocky Mountain National Park. Now we are halfway through the very long Stephen King book 11/22/63, in which a man from 2011 goes back to try to prevent the John F. Kennedy assassination. (I'm not sure how time travel featured so strongly, but both books came highly recommended and are very different from each other.)

We are now spending several days with our friends the Kreiders in Vancouver. No more traveling until Thursday when we head for Seattle!

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