Friday, July 27, 2012

Days Seventeen and Eighteen

Happy and relaxed; that describes the flow of days in the Spokane family. Tracy goes off to work in the morning (we are looking forward to her being off on the weekend); Dan and I arise quite early to chai and checking out the world on our computers. The others in the house get up whenever they get around to it. On Wednesday Dirk was up very early as he had a morning performance. He played for three hours at the Spokane Farmers' Market. It was a fairly small market (we hear it's larger on the weekends) but lots of people came by. The children especially enjoyed his singing, leaning out of their strollers to see what was going on. The social services people had a tent for picking up WIC coupons; what a great idea, encouraging the purchase and consumption of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dirk again had a gig on Thursday evening. He plays weekly at a downtown coffee shop. Dan and I went. While we were there four other customers came and went. It is a tiny place, but very nice. It was like having our own private concert! The tip jar didn't have much in it...

The Trivial Pursuit tournament continues, with Jasmine joining Dirk and me. I am up 2-0, but I'm sure it's not over yet. We nostalgically remember the time at a Lehman family gathering when my dad and I partnered and won the entire game in one round. Obviously, our knowledge base was complementary!

Last night Jasmine made dinner. It was her boyfriend Mike's birthday. She made meatloaf and mashed potatoes (both the first time ever, surprising for someone who loves to cook so much) and a gorgeous chocolate cake.

Seth arrived from Seattle on Wednesday afternoon and Maya comes home from Neah Bay today. It will be great to have all the family here together.

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