Thursday, March 15, 2012

Return to India

My trip from Goshen went off without a hitch. Dan came a week ahead of me this time in order to visit a project in Northern Rajasthan where we support a family through Child Fund International. It was good to see him waiting for me as I came out of the airport.

American Airlines recently cancelled their daily nonstop flight from Chicago to Delhi, which was a disappointment. Air India is now the only airline on that route, so by default we purchased our tickets from them. Fortunately for us, the flights were not very full and we each were able to get a row of three seats to lie down on for sleeping during the flight. This made a world of difference for me! The flight actually pulled out of the gate ahead of its scheduled time and arrived in Delhi a half hour early. There was a very short line at immigration (the new Indira Gandhi International Airport has many more immigration officers on duty), my checked bag arrived, and I walked out about 3:30 PM. We use the airport prepaid taxi system and were on our way quickly. However, the driver went a very roundabout way, explaining that he had a low tire problem. He stopped at a petrol station and filled all four tires. At least none of them went flat before we arrived at our hotel.

We stay at the Bon Lon Inn in Karol Bagh and they know us well by now. It's nice to be greeted by familiar smiling faces. Breakfast is served in a small dining room. 

Dan dishing up zeera aloo (potatoes with cumin seeds). Other dishes behind held parathas, corn flakes, and omelets. [If you notice a reddish tint on the sleeve of his jacket, it is due to his going out on the morning of Holi last week, when colors are thrown on everyone.]

Here is a serving of the zeera aloo and a folded paratha. They also had toast (white bread) and tea already mixed with sugar and milk.

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