Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guest Room #5

We are staying in a new place! Our frequent home of Guest Room #1 is not available. Our friends the Chopels are there because their house, Tehri View, needs repair. In fact, it might be falling down. It is one of the older buildings on campus and the foundation appears to be weak. Watching cracks in your bedroom grow day by day is not a comfortable feeling!

We like #1; it is the largest, with marked kitchen, dining, office, and living areas in an L shape. This one is smaller, but it has its advantages. First and foremost are the views. We can see the Tehri Hills to the east and the bazaar to the west. We have a balcony on the east side. There are 7 windows, some double-sized. Once we moved the large coffee table from the center of the room, there is plenty of room to move around. The major lack is a desk area; there is a desk in the bedroom, but no power or internet outlets near it. We do have an ethernet connection; the wi-fi that reaches us here doesn't work well. It also doesn't have good cell phone reception. The balcony is a favorite place for monkeys to come in the morning. It looks like it would be good for drying laundry, but I don't like having my socks stolen.

The other advantage of this apartment is that it is quieter; it overlooks the back of the school rather than the Quad, which is a popular place for noisy activities.


Entry - door on the right, bedroom door on left

Kitchen/dining area (balcony door at rear)

Living room windows

Hanson Field - below even the lower dorms; this is the only place it is visible from school

Dorms - notice there is so much haze in the Doon that we can't see anything beyond the next hill.

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  1. Your apartment looks very neat and comfortable, even though it is small. I'm surprised at the large refrigerator. And what views!


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