Monday, March 26, 2012

Hospital Visit

On Friday I saw an orthopedist at the Landour Community Hospital. A bout of sciatica on Wednesday evening sent me. It was an interesting experience. I hadn't been a patient here since we lived in Mussoorie more than 30 years ago. (I did visit the hospital with our granddaughter in 2005 when she had to have rabies shots, but that is another story.)

Our first child was born here in 1969. The hospital was renovated a few years ago by a Woodstock alumnus and there is gleaming tile everywhere.

I was driven there by the school ambulance, which takes students and staff almost daily. A doctor does come to the school Health Centre several days a week and sends on the ones who need more specialist care. With me was another staff member and an employee who had an injured leg. I was able to climb up into the back of the ambulance, but the employee needed help from his coworkers. Christian, an employee of the Health Centre, took charge of us once we were there and I greatly appreciated it. I had no idea where to go next or exactly what to do.

Once at the hospital, we waited in the lobby. Then I was taken to the orthopedist's office, where I sat on a bench while he examined several people before me. No HIPAA here! He diagnosed the employee's leg as a torn ligament and gave him a brace to wear. He might need surgery in Dehra Dun. A child's broken arm (already cast) was checked on. Then it was my turn. I told him what happened. He had me lie down in a curtained cubicle and pressed on my spine. It was quite obvious where it was painful, in the lumbar region. There was a medical student from England with him so I got to listen to his description of what he was doing and what he found. After the examination I was sent for an X-ray. This time I waited on a bench in the hallway outside the X-ray room. Soon it was my turn and I got on the table. The technician took X-rays both supine and on my side. I was able to look over his shoulder as the pictures came up on his computer. Next I was sent back to the doctor's office. After waiting my turn, he told me I had spinal stenosis and showed me (and the medical student) the X-rays and where the compression was between my disks as well as the extra bone growth in the area. An assistant showed me a few therapeutic exercises (most of which I already do regularly). The doctor wrote a prescription for three medicines and I went back to the lobby.

Imagine my surprise to see my office-mate Marcus in the hallway when I came out. He had been eating some dried fruit that I brought for coffee break and had an allergic reaction, with the right side of his face and lip swelling up. Fortunately, it didn't get any worse. When he got his pills, he realized they had filled the prescription wrongly, and had blood pressure meds instead of an antihistamine.

When I got back to the school, I went to the Health Centre to get some help to figure out what I had been given. One was a muscle relaxant, another a B-complex vitamin called "nerve vitamins," and an antacid (?). Since Friday, I have been resting and letting my body heal. On Sunday afternoon we walked down to the Principal's home for a community tea. It isn't very far and I did fine with my cane and walking slowly and carefully. I am hopeful that I will be able to get back into the bazaar before long!

The hospital sits above the road between Woodstock and the Landour bazaar.

Looking at the front door from the waiting area in the lobby

Stairway to upper floors - patient rooms, operating theatre, maternity

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  1. Anne, we wish you the very best as you deal with spinal stenosis; you will hear many accounts of how do deal with it. Lib and I both had laminectopies to relieve the pressure on the nerves. Enjoying your posts!!


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